Private Sessions

Short Courses
as listed

Channelled Healing Alignments,
Psychic Readings and Mediumship, and
Intuitive Counselling
to heal your heart and soul


Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy
to clear your mind and set you free –
Enjoy lasting relief from:

  • Anxiety/Depression/Panic Attacks
  • Stress/Trauma or Grief
  • Low Self Esteem/Low Confidence
  • Weight challenges
  • Smoking or Addictions
  • Pain – chronic or acute
  • Relationship conflict
  • Negative past experiences

And many other issues you are welcome
to ask about.

All private sessions $90 for sixty minutes
and $140 for 90 minutes of combined

Complimentary 20 minute sessions
available to find out more about Hypno
-Psychotherapy, and to design the best
treatment plan for you.

Please call me or text on 0402 510 424 for
more information. Questions always very

Commencing February 2018:
Embrace the coming year feeling
grounded and inspired, ready to rock your
New Year’s Resolutions!

1/ Enjoy Hypno-Meditations and tools
Using Hypnosis language to create clear,
liberating trains of thought in your
subconscious, designed to set you free
from doubt and stress. Also receive
empowering techniques to harness your
work and play balance, and become
stronger and more confident every day.
Every Tuesday night for 6 weeks, 7-9pm.
Commencing 20th February, 2018.

2/ Spiritual Meditation and awakening
Guided sessions to align your chakras,
open your psychic centres and connect
with your Higher Guidance. Confidently
use your healing gifts, and hone your
intuition, through exercises like
psychometry, aura reading, and learning
to deliver safe, protocolled healing work.
Every Wednesday night for 6 weeks,
Commencing 21st February 2018.

Small personal groups and take-home
hand outs. 
$210 per 6 week course.

To be paid in full before courses
commence. Bookings for both courses to
be received by Tuesday 6th February.

Please call me or text on
0402 510 424 for
information. Questions welcome.

Hypno-Psychotherapy Posts Meditation Posts
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