Enhance Your Chakra Qualities

Chakras –
The word Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel”, which is how Chakras are often viewed clairvoyantly, as beautiful, spinning, geometric shapes of colour, life and movement, aligned along the body.  This is where your Life Force enters and anchors within your body, to feed the energy centre and surrounding organs in that part of your body.  There are seven major Chakras within you, and many other minor ones, as well as some pretty powerful ones above your Crown and down into the Earth as well.
Each Chakra has an associated Coloured Ray that resonates to a specific quality.  The vibration of this Ray helps you to enhance your mastery of this quality within yourself.  This is something you can aspire to integrate into your everyday life, as you strive towards greater inner harmony and self-awareness.But let’s start with the Base Chakra, known as the first Chakra within the body…

The Base Chakra:
The first Ray of the spectrum is Red, and resonates to the Base Chakra, which is located at the base of the spine, in the coccyx (the very tip of the tail bone). I have found that it’s really important to start aligning with this energy within yourself as a first step, as it helps you to anchor Life Force into your physical body, grounding you and acting as a platform for all the other good work you undertake.
This Chakra represents being physically aligned and aware, so you can stay present-centred.  This will assist you to detach from the distractions of your emotions and thoughts.
The assimilation of the Red Ray, undertaken through Creative Visualisation, is a fundamental key to healing any sense of separation from the rest of the world.  It supports you to harmonise and feel a oneness with all living things.  This helps you to achieve a state of unconditional love towards all things, because, if all are one, then you can more easily afford to offer compassion, forgiveness and acceptance of all other beings.  We are all here looking for the one thing, in different forms, in different ways – Love.  And our fear causes us to react in different ways, giving off contradictory messages – insecurity, resentment, anger, blame, projection, control and cruelty.  All stemming from a fear of not being loved and accepted.
So bring in the oneness!
And sit within the stillness and surrender to the inner-connectedness of all of Creation…
If you can’t see it, try to feel it.  If you can’t feel it, try to sense or imagine how it might feel.  Just surrender, without too much intellectual processing, and just allow it to shift of its’ own accord within you, until you feel your resistance give way.Working with the Red Ray will also help you increase your awareness of your body’s own innate intelligence.  From surrendering and tuning in, you give your body a chance to give you feedback about how it’s feeling and what it needs.  Too often, we externalise all our attention on what’s required and what’s happening outside of ourselves.  We forget to check in.
So, go within now, and sense how you’re really feeling.  Don’t be stoic and suppress what you’re feeling… What does your body want to say to you? – in images, in key words, in feelings…
You have within you the ability to heal yourself and tune in to whatever is required to bring yourself back into balance.  Trust yourself… your body’s intelligence is extremely wise.  Just often neglected and suppressed.
This includes realising what your boundaries are – or need to be – with greater clarity.  Your increased body awareness tells you where you’ve been compromising, or where you’ve been allowing in energies, people, events, circumstances, that do not honour you.  Energies need to be reciprocal, if you are to avoid being drained and thrown into energetic imbalance.  This is exhausting and eventually leads to stress, illness and dis-ease.
And so, this understanding leads to recognising that the Red Ray also brings with it the energy of your inner Will, which can help you to appropriately assert your boundaries.  This Will is not to be usurped by the ego, which decides to harness this quality in a forceful way, which overrides the Will of others.  It is about the Higher Will, which represents Truth, Integrity and asserting the Higher Good of others, defending causes and clarifying confusion, uncovering lies and challenging manipulation or injustice.
If this is harnessed with a pure intention, detached from emotional charge and reaction, then you can trust yourself to channel it strongly and speak your Truth from your heart.So, pull that beautiful, bright and fiery red ray in to your body with each in-breath, anchoring it in the base of your spine.  Feel it emanate throughout all of your body, as you are charged and strengthened, and know that you are increasing your connection here with the earth, more easily aligning with what she is feeling, and what is needed by all living things upon her.
From here, you can move on to other vibrations and purposes, knowing you are anchored in the moment, aware of what surrounds you and sensitive to the greater good of all.Enjoy your ever-evolving transformation!In following blogs, in the days to come, (which I have now undertaken to do!) I look forward to sharing more food for thought as we go, as well as spiritual tools in greater detail, including working our way up the Chakras.
Until then,
Warm wishes to you, and may Light Divine be with you always,


This article has copyright protection.  Not to be duplicated or used without the written permission of Deborah Morgan.
“Come Home to Yourself…”

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