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Welcome to my first real blog, which I have wanted to undertake for years, but have beautifully procrastinated with.
I have very powerfully manifested my own limitations, ha, ha, in keeping with a lack of confidence, which is crushingly disproportionate to my abilities!
And I know many of you will relate to this, all too well! – knowing you have something to offer, but having no platform of strong self-esteem to launch from.

In my journey, including a fair share of trauma and bullying, I have kept myself busy working and studying, hoping it would lead to my final “arrival” at a confident place within, where I could stand up and speak out, share a life time of humbling wisdom, and teach some powerful tools that have, in increments, set me free. The irony is that, born to a broad palette of psychic gifts and access to many levels of consciousness, my abilities became a burden of assumed responsibility to help others, with a crushing learned lack of confidence that prevented me from sharing beyond private sessions and small group classes.

Well, after years of working with many techniques, to unlock traumatic “points of origin”, and heal “activating events”, etc, I have finally set free my wounded heart –
the last remaining bastion of resistance, that has me here, excitedly free of excuses
and resistance.

I’ve walked so many miles in painful shoes, that I’ve at least cultivated understanding and empathy for the difficult journeys many of us have hobbled through, and would love to hear from anyone with specific issues or questions regarding getting on top of the game of life, and releasing the fears that hold us back. So reach out in the box below and I will share regularly with stories from my own life, with tips and strategies, to rebuild your authentic self, and increase your empowerment.
Here’s to inner freedom…  ♥



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