Tip 2: Are you a Secret?

A gifted friend shared with me last week that she had been asked a critical question about herself that evoked a powerful response from her. She had been asked “Are you a secret?”
She was able to respond with a clear, resounding “No, I am not a secret”. This amazing woman stands in her power as a passionate and successful Medium.
I realised straight away I was applying it to myself: “Am I a secret?”

My first response was to not compute it – I couldn’t even process the question. My second response was to be defensive: I thought to myself “What kind of a question is that?!” I had no frame of reference to even consider it was wrong to keep what I was under wraps. And then I knew I was on to something huge, and hidden within me! Justified and suppressed… of course I am.

After life-long ridicule for being psychic, and well-meaning advice to protect my conventional and professional reputation, of course I’d become extremely discerning as to where I’d admitted my true level of psychic access to the world. It became natural to keep my insights, visions and messages to myself. I edited beautifully, and had a very fluid and engaging contemporary facade. How well-adapted am I?! How normal! How lonely, isolated and in denial am I?!

“Am I a secret?” “Oh my god, yes, always”. Even amongst spiritual friends and associates, I was so cautious and reluctant to confidently share the full range of input Spirit had to my daily perceptions of life. Part of my psyche had just accepted it had to protect me from appearing “crazy”. Some of my insights were such a quantum leap from even contemporary Spiritual thinking that I just processed it all alone, because I thought I “knew” I’d be seen as implausible. And being  painfully shy made the confrontation of it unbearable.

And so I had a day to day life performance of being only half of who I was. “Am I a secret?” The answer was so confronting that it hit me like an earth shattering epiphany. Would I have reacted this way if I’d been asked earlier – years ago? Probably not. I don’t think we have these shifts until we’re truly ready on several levels – I would’ve justified, dismissed and moved on. But this day, it hit me like a truck!

My friend saw the wave of emotional processing broiling within me, and took me through a very simple EFT tapping session that left my heart burning with excitement and liberation of the likes I hadn’t felt in years. “No, not any more!” Not angry, or baffled. Just excited! On fire with the celebration I was receiving from my Team in Spirit. And ready.

Over the years I had challenged myself on so many levels to release my worries over what others thought; “to detach personally, professionally, and socially; to create healthy boundaries and internal validation!” That had all served me well, but this one – this huge, hidden, unconventional and often misunderstood part of me – has simply not been challenged until now. Why would I choose social suicide?! I’d only admitted a part of what I was to selected audiences, where I felt a degree of security and acceptance, for being “psychic”.

And now it feels akin to “stepping out”. I’ve lived my life in a (very warm and friendly, professional and highly functional) … closet. I should have a “coming out” party!

Most likely, no one who mattered would really hold “my secret” against me, but I certainly had, and it was smothering. I’d clipped my own wings and hidden the stumps. If I now consider how I feel about others reactions, judgements, or concerns for my revelation, it doesn’t even rank as having any significance, compared to the importance of living my truth, fully in the light.

The ramifications are so hugely liberating that they’re still unfolding. I wake up excited each morning to create, write, share, just be, on a whole new inspired and engaging level. I can only highly recommend the experience to everyone: “Am I a secret?” You might like to ask yourself when you feel safe to be totally open and honest, and see where you feel any denial within you – are you resisting in setting yourself free on any level? Then embrace the liberating, and challenging, roller coaster that just might follow! ♥

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