Tip 3: Keep your Light bright this Christmas

As we embrace this holiday season and the tradition of sharing Christmas with our loved ones, it is an opportunity to prepare our mind to go forward into these gatherings with an intention of unconditional, positive regard. The less we expect or demand from one-another, the less our buttons will be pushed. As we observe the behaviours in those we are close to, which may be less than ideal, look lovingly at the wound that creates these reactions and projections, without judgement or the desire that the person be different. I’ve found that this is a fail-safe way to remain buoyant in my heart, and genuine with my affections towards anything that may otherwise become vexatious.

My grandmother, and then my mother in turn, used to say “Peter Rabbit’s mother told him: ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all’”. And so, I’ve learned to hold my tongue. Not in suppression, but to observe where the need in me to be “right” and “heard” is coming from. Arguments stem from having to be righteous. There are, of course, times to mindfully comment and set boundaries when behaviour is doing harm to others, but if it’s just a little bluster of ego and projection, I just send it love, and it sets me free of my own reactions.

Hugging someone who is venting is extremely healing for them. It will usually totally surprise them, take the wind out of their sails, and de-escalate things immediately – if the hug is validating and heart-felt. Yes, it takes discipline and practice, but it is highly worthwhile and liberating within you.

I’m also mindful that this time coincides with our Summer and Winter solstices. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the longest day of the year, which was Friday the 22nd this year. And in the North, it is the shortest day, which was Thursday the 21st. In both instances, we’re acknowledging the constant influence that the coming and going of light has on our lives. Whether it be from the excess heat or cold, we are dependent on light, around us and within us, for inner health and global stabilisation.

It is from these understandings that Masters have harnessed the life force within light, to breathe in strength with intention, and build it within their meridians (energy channels). We live in a constant state of osmosis, automatically assimilating the life force around us as we breathe. This brings into sharper focus the need to be protective of the environments we inhabit and the company we keep. A lot of energies are being exchanged between us all the time, and we deserve to be protective of the spaces we choose to spend the most time in. We benefit from keeping clear boundaries both emotionally and physically, so we are more able to thrive and embrace life from a positive place.

The more you’re able to ensure that you live in a clear and supportive space, the more positive life force you accumulate and store within you. And the more you have to lovingly share with others. So while you’re being generous this Christmas, cherish and protect your most precious gift – yourself. Protect and value you, so that you may keep on shining your love on others.

May the Light shine bright in your life and in your heart this Christmas. ♥

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