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The Solar Plexus Chakra

The key to inner peace and true empowerment

Having traversed the Base chakra, to align our Soul Consciousness with our physical journey, and the Sacral chakra, to recognise our purpose and seize our passion, we now tackle the trickiest chakra of all – the Solar Plexus. This is where we aspire to overcome all fear and resonate in an empowered, open and receptive space.
Consider how we have seven main chakras – three lower chakras which resonate to the physical aspects of our incarnation, and three upper chakras which resonate to the spiritual nature of our existence, and then the heart in the middle, being the critical point of discernment, where the two aspects of self – physical and spiritual – are balanced.

So, the Solar Plexus is the gateway to our hearts, and must be kept clear if we are to fully align with our higher vibrational chakras.

Being positioned in the diaphragm, the Solar Plexus chakra is the storage point for all projected fears, attachments and traumas.  Here we find the emotions and sensations of what we learned as children; that the world was a hostile place, where our parents, hopefully with the best of intentions, projected their fears onto us to keep us safe.  Where we were beset with others judgements, humiliation and projections.

Every disempowering thing we experienced during our formative years was assimilated as a lesson about how to be, in order to feel accepted, worthy, cool, safe, or just to be left alone and not bullied.  And if we were lucky, we felt loved sometimes as well.  And so we either conformed or rebelled, but seldom were there lessons in self-love and unity.

Interestingly, we expect to leave all this behind, once we become adults, but the subconscious has no concept of time.  It lives in a vacuum of a continuous now, screaming “Heal me!” at every opportunity.  So it has a very demanding way of insisting that we relive and rehash our issues, with any occasion that has even the slightest abstract relationship to our fears.

The subconscious mutates many present-day interactions into projections of our past, where the same fears have matured but are still triggered in our everyday dealings with life.  We may no longer remember the initial incident that left an impression on the subconscious, but the defensiveness, anxiety, anger or fear will still rise up automatically to cause us to react in a way that is less than empowering and honouring for us.  So, sent forth from the Solar Plexus are all the sensations of churning, twisting fear we have as yet to surrender and detach from.

We may tell ourselves that we’ve got it sorted, and that stress and competition is a normal part of adult life.  That we need pressure and anxiety to thrive and perform, and it isn’t normal to always be relaxed and balanced.  That we’d get bored without the dramas we’ve become addicted to… How cleverly our lower minds have manipulated us to keep us under control!

When clear of burdens, the Solar Plexus vibrates with a beautiful sunshine yellow energy that resonates with joy and inspiration.  It stimulates the mind and lifts us into an empowered state of beingness. It is confident, accepting of self and all others, and calmly serene within its state of non-attachment.

The beauty of clearing the Solar Plexus is that it allows us to then easily receive all experiences within our heart, where we can truly see the dynamics around us for what they are.

Until then, our life experiences are drawn into the Solar Plexus chakra to be tried and tested against the long list of projections and denials we carry.  We all have them.  It is part of our human condition.

My belief is that overcoming the blocks within our Solar Plexus chakra is, by design, the most challenging spiritual lesson we face in our incarnation.  It is the biggest stumbling block that keeps us from inner peace and present-centred existence.  It forces us into deep self-reflection and complete honesty if we wish to master it. Without this discipline we fall into separation, fear, mistrust, intolerance, hatred, greed, ego, conflict and war.  Sound familiar?  The world as we know it needs a Solar Plexus clearing, and yet it is the conflict that pushes us to realise what we need and shakes us from our complacency.

Remember the times we’ve sought peace and our lower mind has reacted by freaking out and keeping us mentally busy?   The lower mind thinks it’s doing a good job. It constantly looks to keep us safe, both from the outside world and from our own inner stillness.  The stillness is very scary to a busy lower mind, which is accustomed to keeping tabs on every moment and needing to feel in control of our attention at all times.

What is this strange stillness we are attempting to impose on our minds?  Our mind has worked very hard to think fast, protectively, and often defensively.  It has mastered multi-tasking at our request, and now we’re asking it to stop?  How terrifying!

This surrender to our higher mind feels paramount to death to our controlling lower minds. This higher mind that we are aiming for resonates at a much higher frequency than the lower mind, so the lower mind cannot perceive it or feel safe to surrender to it.  Yet the higher mind honours free will and makes it the responsibility of the conscious self to discipline the lower mind, step out of the game, and drag it screaming into a higher vibration of true inner freedom.
And all this subconscious reactivity is funnelled collectively through the Solar Plexus chakra, where it churns and produces the butterflies that confirm to us that we are in danger if we dare to challenge it.  And yet, challenge it we must. As King Arthur aptly stated in First Knight, “There is a peace that can only be found on the other side of war.” The battle with the self, “the dweller on the threshold”, as taught by Alice Bailey, that refuses to surrender its perpetual negativity, is the greatest battle we face.

And so, how do we even commence this daunting task?  Baby steps!  Learning to lovingly view the self as a frightened child that needs support and reassurance, kindness and guidance, while still teaching it boundaries and discipline.  Listen to the self.  Become aware of your own self-talk.  Record it and discover the most common maladaptive beliefs you have about yourself which need to be constantly, instantly, restated in the positive.  Be open to receive assistance from therapies such as Psychotherapy and Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to track back to the causes of the triggers from your greatest traumas and be supported with techniques to safely overcome your strongest reactions.  Just between you and me, that’s the reason I started studying Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy – to heal myself of the most stubborn traumas that haunted me even after 20 years of meditation, and to then develop powerful ways to work with these modalities to support our spiritual endeavours.

We can consciously know the reasons and logically address our issues, but the subconscious mind sometimes needs help to create new neural pathways to transform our reactions into our chosen empowering responses to life. I had conquered many of my demons through conscious application and discipline, understanding the life lessons, empathically seeing the wound in another and lovingly forgiving and letting the issue go. These are also very valid and powerful approaches that I recommend for addressing the majority of our resistance.

However, for my biggest wounds, I had to set my conscious mind aside with hypnotherapy and speak directly with my subconscious mind, giving it a chance to be heard and validated, to have its perceptions reframed, before just overriding it.  My mind sighed with grateful relief, grabbed the tools and ran with them, applying them retro-actively through my past, unravelling reactions in a blessed relief of release and liberation.  My conscious endeavours were finally made manifest and my Solar Plexus was at peace.

After this, it requires conscious application to maintain it.  It is actually not difficult to do, as it is a lifestyle choice.  The act of mindfulness keeps us present-centred and aware of our own reactions, bringing us gently into our hearts, lifting Solar Plexus reactions lovingly upwards to be understood and released.  With practice, the body’s intelligence makes this an automatic process, until all we perceive comes directly into our Heart and the Solar Plexus is then used for its Divine Purpose, of harnessing our true empowerment, streaming in the Source and bringing in the joy.

And so, with the unconditional and loving determination of our own inner parent, we keep bringing on the battle with our frightened and rebellious inner child. In the end, both will win. To stand in our power, feeling fearless, loving and non-attached, able to take on the world, and yet realising that we don’t need to is, ironically, the most peaceful and humble state of bliss we will embrace.


Enhance Your Chakra Qualities – The Sacral Chakra

The Key to your Personal Purpose

I would like to share with you the important dynamics of your second chakra, that liberates you to express yourself with free abandon!  Located about three finger widths just below the navel, this is also the point where martial artists are taught to store energy, or extra life force.  They focus on specific breathing exercises to bring in and build up their life force, which can then be drawn up and directed with force to use a kind of kinetic energy to displace their opponents.

And so, we look to our own sacral chakra, and wonder how we can even awaken it, let alone store extra power within it.  The key is to tune into your sense of your own reason for being here.  We need to take stock of our life and decide what really drives us and gives us a sense of passion.  It is too easy to be led astray by external obligations and the expectations of others.  We accidently start to feel more validated by the encouraging feedback we receive from others than from the intrinsic appreciation we have for our own endeavours.  We find that we are shaping ourselves and our lives to meet the needs of others and we have forgotten what our own important needs are.  We may be meeting the lower-order needs, in keeping with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, where we meet our basic needs for food, shelter and safety.  And perhaps we have slightly higher needs met, where we are working, being productive, and feeling like we belong within our peer group and society.  However, what of the higher-order needs, for self-actualisation and grasping what you’re really here for?  Often times, that’s too scary to look at, for it may take us away from the popular activities we undertake with others that meet our needs for acceptance.  Or it may cause us to admit that we really can’t stand the dynamics of our workplace or the monotony or our job.  We have lost our spark.  We may be able to act up beat, but where has that inner creative flow gone?  We come up blank just trying to imagine what it could feel like to be truly inspired, expressive and content.

Well, the second chakra resonates to the colour orange, and is the vibration of creativity, artistic expression, fun, spontaneity and passion.  This includes our sensuality, and it physically correlates to our reproductive organs and hormonal glands.  This is where we tune in to our expressive, affectionate and playful self and seize the joy in the moment.  Hm, where has that gone?  If you are feeling a nagging dissatisfaction, a flat-lining lack of motivation and your emotions keep bringing you down, then awakening your sacral chakra is a good place to start to revitalise your sense of purpose and meaning.

It can be very confronting to consider that our lifestyles, choices and current paths do not really support the flourishing of our individuality and free expression.  This requires some honest reflection and owning up to how we have shifted our priorities away from honouring ourselves and recognising our personal needs.

If we consider the colour orange, we see that it is created from the blending of red and yellow.  Red vibrates to the base chakra, which sustains our physical strength and the energetic foundations that support the rest of our being. Red also resonates to the healthy use of will, to move forward with positive intention and resolve.  And then there’s yellow – the colour of joy and empowerment.  It resonates to clear insight and stimulates our minds with productive and positive thought. So, these are the two vibrations of red and yellow that are tapped into to support the orange.  Consider how red is in the base, below the sacral chakra, and yellow is harnessed in a happy solar plexus, which is just above the sacral chakra.  So, the sacral chakra is framed either side by the main qualities it can draw from to find itself.  For you to find yourself.  And who are you truly?

To help you with this, you might like to reflect back to your childhood.  What were your original dreams and aspirations, no matter how crazy you may now find them?  How far have you wandered from your passion?  How much time do you allow for free, creative expression on a daily basis?  And that’s not as unrealistic as it sounds.  Although you may not have time to write a poem or artistically create every day, you can keep this frequency alive within you until you do have time, at least weekly, for this kind of necessary expression.  And how can you harness this, even on a busy day?  You acknowledge the liberating power of your Inner Child.  Yes, the Inner Child resonates within your Sacral Chakra.  Here, you tap into that indomitable spirit that does not acknowledge externally imposed boundaries, and rips through those that you’ve imposed on yourself.  Your Inner Child is the spirited, childlike part of you that sees the wonder in the simple things and can laugh at itself with humility and joy. This is not to be confused with being childish.  That connotation places a judgement on you that your playful spirit is immature or selfish.  No, the Inner Child, when embraced without adaptation to please others, is the part of us that has a healthy sense of humour.  That finds the fun in the every-day and plays often and fair with loved ones.  The Inner Child can relate to children and join them in their fantasy world, prioritising quality time with family, with a genuine warm-hearted involvement.  The Inner Child can secretly laugh at the temper or ego in others and see a way around them, even how to best cajole them into laughing at themselves.  And the Inner Child sees the windows to climb out of, off on another adventure, when someone closes a door. And so, allowing in your Inner Child becomes a choice, an orientation, where you prioritise changing your perceptions of the world around you.

And so, we come back to empowering the sacral chakra.  This power lies within you – to see the beauty around you and remember why you are here.  To love passionately and share affectionately.  To sit down and seriously take stock of your life and how you utilise your time.  How much effort do you really put into managing your priorities to allow you the time to embrace your own hobbies and activities?  And how much energy do you waste on things that do not directly honour and support you, so you are left feeling too drained to be creative?  What has to change?  You can still work productively and affectively, without it consuming all that you are.  This comes with the art of healthy detachment, which is the main focus on the next chakra we will explore – The solar plexus chakra.  So it lies within each of us to take stock of what we are currently investing in, and what are the true, intrinsic rewards our activities are really bringing us.

Breathe life force into your sacral chakra.  Bring it in through the Crown on the in breath, and see it stoking a bright orange furnace, glowing warmly within your Sacrum.  And on the out breath, visualise that you just breathe out air.  So each in breath is loading you up and you are holding on to the life force and expelling only air.  You would benefit from taking a few classes in Qi Kung (or Chi Gung), which is a special form of exercise designed specifically for building life force, inner strength and balance.  This is like the introductory level for the martial art form of storing life force as power, which is kept in internal reserves.  It’s very effective, and is part of what I include in my Meditation Classes.  So see who teaches it near you.

And so, you can learn to focus on this centre that helps you hold on to what you’re really here for.  To remember your dreams and seize your purpose.  What did your Soul first come into incarnation for?  What are your most important life lessons and opportunities for full and free expression? If you haven’t thought much about this, then start to prioritise sitting with this gently within yourself.  No beating yourself up and pushing the river.  Nurture yourself, remember what makes you happy, and make a point to laugh out loud more often. Grasp the idea of loving yourself and all that you are.  Open your heart and listen to yourself. It is within the stillness of surrender and gentle allowance that your dreams can speak to you.

This article has copyright protection.  Not to be duplicated or used without the written permission of Deborah Morgan.

Enhance Your Chakra Qualities

Chakras –
The word Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel”, which is how Chakras are often viewed clairvoyantly, as beautiful, spinning, geometric shapes of colour, life and movement, aligned along the body.  This is where your Life Force enters and anchors within your body, to feed the energy centre and surrounding organs in that part of your body.  There are seven major Chakras within you, and many other minor ones, as well as some pretty powerful ones above your Crown and down into the Earth as well.
Each Chakra has an associated Coloured Ray that resonates to a specific quality.  The vibration of this Ray helps you to enhance your mastery of this quality within yourself.  This is something you can aspire to integrate into your everyday life, as you strive towards greater inner harmony and self-awareness.But let’s start with the Base Chakra, known as the first Chakra within the body…

The Base Chakra:
The first Ray of the spectrum is Red, and resonates to the Base Chakra, which is located at the base of the spine, in the coccyx (the very tip of the tail bone). I have found that it’s really important to start aligning with this energy within yourself as a first step, as it helps you to anchor Life Force into your physical body, grounding you and acting as a platform for all the other good work you undertake.
This Chakra represents being physically aligned and aware, so you can stay present-centred.  This will assist you to detach from the distractions of your emotions and thoughts.
The assimilation of the Red Ray, undertaken through Creative Visualisation, is a fundamental key to healing any sense of separation from the rest of the world.  It supports you to harmonise and feel a oneness with all living things.  This helps you to achieve a state of unconditional love towards all things, because, if all are one, then you can more easily afford to offer compassion, forgiveness and acceptance of all other beings.  We are all here looking for the one thing, in different forms, in different ways – Love.  And our fear causes us to react in different ways, giving off contradictory messages – insecurity, resentment, anger, blame, projection, control and cruelty.  All stemming from a fear of not being loved and accepted.
So bring in the oneness!
And sit within the stillness and surrender to the inner-connectedness of all of Creation…
If you can’t see it, try to feel it.  If you can’t feel it, try to sense or imagine how it might feel.  Just surrender, without too much intellectual processing, and just allow it to shift of its’ own accord within you, until you feel your resistance give way.Working with the Red Ray will also help you increase your awareness of your body’s own innate intelligence.  From surrendering and tuning in, you give your body a chance to give you feedback about how it’s feeling and what it needs.  Too often, we externalise all our attention on what’s required and what’s happening outside of ourselves.  We forget to check in.
So, go within now, and sense how you’re really feeling.  Don’t be stoic and suppress what you’re feeling… What does your body want to say to you? – in images, in key words, in feelings…
You have within you the ability to heal yourself and tune in to whatever is required to bring yourself back into balance.  Trust yourself… your body’s intelligence is extremely wise.  Just often neglected and suppressed.
This includes realising what your boundaries are – or need to be – with greater clarity.  Your increased body awareness tells you where you’ve been compromising, or where you’ve been allowing in energies, people, events, circumstances, that do not honour you.  Energies need to be reciprocal, if you are to avoid being drained and thrown into energetic imbalance.  This is exhausting and eventually leads to stress, illness and dis-ease.
And so, this understanding leads to recognising that the Red Ray also brings with it the energy of your inner Will, which can help you to appropriately assert your boundaries.  This Will is not to be usurped by the ego, which decides to harness this quality in a forceful way, which overrides the Will of others.  It is about the Higher Will, which represents Truth, Integrity and asserting the Higher Good of others, defending causes and clarifying confusion, uncovering lies and challenging manipulation or injustice.
If this is harnessed with a pure intention, detached from emotional charge and reaction, then you can trust yourself to channel it strongly and speak your Truth from your heart.So, pull that beautiful, bright and fiery red ray in to your body with each in-breath, anchoring it in the base of your spine.  Feel it emanate throughout all of your body, as you are charged and strengthened, and know that you are increasing your connection here with the earth, more easily aligning with what she is feeling, and what is needed by all living things upon her.
From here, you can move on to other vibrations and purposes, knowing you are anchored in the moment, aware of what surrounds you and sensitive to the greater good of all.Enjoy your ever-evolving transformation!In following blogs, in the days to come, (which I have now undertaken to do!) I look forward to sharing more food for thought as we go, as well as spiritual tools in greater detail, including working our way up the Chakras.
Until then,
Warm wishes to you, and may Light Divine be with you always,


This article has copyright protection.  Not to be duplicated or used without the written permission of Deborah Morgan.
“Come Home to Yourself…”
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