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Tip 3: Keep your Light bright this Christmas

As we embrace this holiday season and the tradition of sharing Christmas with our loved ones, it is an opportunity to prepare our mind to go forward into these gatherings with an intention of unconditional, positive regard. The less we


I’ve been busy writing up useful information to soon share, but in the face of so much division lately, I wanted to pause and share with you a poem I wrote fifteen years ago. It seems more poignantly appropriate now

Tip 2: Are you a Secret?

A gifted friend shared with me last week that she had been asked a critical question about herself that evoked a powerful response from her. She had been asked “Are you a secret?” She was able to respond with a

Tip 1: Easy breathing to reduce anxiety

I felt to start with something useful. ♥ One very effective way I’ve found to reduce adrenalin, and calm your nervous system when it’s over-reacting, is to simply breathe into your belly. If you practice when you’re calm it will

Introduction to my first real blog

Here’s to inspiration and determination! A navigational tool to help you through the labyrinth of life. May it safely set you free… Deborah Morgan Psychic Readings & Mediumship Channelled Healings Intuitive Counselling Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy Removal & clearing of negative energies