Enhanced CBT

Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

What is Enhanced CBT?
Put simply, it is a straightforward method where we explore together the main issues that are pushing your buttons, and where these come from in your life – past or present.   We then map the best way to bypass your usual reactions and reinforce new ones.  This helps us formulate effective ways to achieve more empowering and appropriate responses to situations, where the changes allow you to choose, in the moment, how you want to act, instead of automatically falling into a negative reaction.
We literally map out your perceptions of your life – the triggers that you react to, your past experiences that colour your perceptions and the flight or fight responses you develop to cope.  You then choose how you would like to respond to situations instead, and we work together with the hypnotherapy procedures to create new neural pathways that become the dominant and automatic responses of your subconscious mind.
Enhanced CBT is well respected internationally and is the main therapy of choice for many psychotherapists and psychologists.  This is due to the well researched outcomes and successful results of this approach, as this is an evidence-based therapy that stands up to scientific scrutiny.

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