Hypnotherapy is an effective form of meditation, or relaxation, which aims to communicate with the subconscious mind to achieve positive and empowering changes to your thoughts, feelings and behaviours

All of us are subject to the influence of our subconscious mind.  Also known as the lower mind, this part of us is always there, wanting to be in charge, fed by past events, traumas, fears and negative belief systems. The subconscious lies just beyond the reach of our conscious mind, regardless of our disciplined endeavours to silence it or retrain it into positive thinking.   So – this constant inner saboteur will continue to whisper doubts and negativity to override our best endeavours. We can master it to a point, but then, unbidden, an event or thought will trigger a reaction that causes these negative thought patterns to rise up and slap us again. Therefore – we benefit most from techniques that address and support our subconscious directly and successfully.  

The key is to speak to your subconscious, to help it understand the benefits of letting go of control patterns, disempowering belief systems, general negativity and defeatist attitudes.  

Your subconscious is very smart.  Once it gets the gist of the new ways of thinking, it will apply it to all aspects of your life.  So, subconscious healing sets you free of the constant negative self-talk that holds you back and damages your confidence across a broad range of situations.

Can you imagine how it would feel to:

  • Be positive, confident, focused and calm on an ongoing basis?
  • Sleep well, to feel at peace, to feel empowered and creative, innovative and excited about your ideas that flow without doubt or interruption?
  • Confidently embrace any new approach to life, such as losing weight with ease, giving up smoking and any other addiction without anxiety and with support?
  • Enjoy improved concentration and performance in your chosen endeavour and to break through the plateaus, blocks, apathy or procrastination that are holding you back?

This is possible once you have helped your subconscious to:

  • Let go of all fear and attachments.
  • Believe in you, without constantly bringing up scenarios of failure, humiliation and rejection that prevent you from following your heart and stepping forward in all areas of your life.
  • Strengthen and nurture relationships, instead of being sabotaged by insecurities.
  • Help you recognise and uphold healthy boundaries, where you start to easily say “no” when you need to and can confidently move away from toxic relationships or situations that do not honour you.

Your conscious mind is fully briefed on what is being said to the subconscious and why. Your own key words are discussed and utilised, and the approach is discussed before hypnotherapy, to reassure you that you have been fully understood and the aim is in keeping with what you are looking for.  Your personal dominant senses (i.e. audio, visual, kinaesthetic, etc) are harnessed when using creative visualisation, so that the session resonates to your own level of highest learning and assimilation.

The deep hypnotic relaxation you are taken into, to get to the subconscious mind, has been proven to be the same as a deep state of meditation, where you can come back to your conscious state of awareness at any time you choose.  You have full control of what you allow to have happen, knowing that your subconscious mind will reject or ignore anything that is said that does not ring true for you.  Nothing can be imposed upon you, even if it’s “for your own good”.

Hypnotherapy works for anyone.  The more committed you are to the positive outcome, the more receptive you will be. Hypnotherapy works best if you:

  1. Are ready for it and the changes it will bring.
  2. Want it for your own reasons, not someone else’s.
  3. Are asking for what is true for you and reasonably attainable.

At the completion of your first session, you will receive a CD of a relaxation hypnotherapy experience to listen to each day to support your positive reception of the hypnotherapy you will undergo on the second session. You will periodically receive other CDs, specifically designed to reinforce all the positive suggestions made during your hypnotherapy sessions.  These will act to enhance your good work and accelerate the new, positive thought patterns of your subconscious mind.