Meditation Classes

  • Learn to relax, breathe and de-stress
  • Enjoy creative visualisation to engage all your senses
  • Learn mindfulness and increase your inner stillness
  • Explore your natural intuition and personal insights
  • Receive tools to use in every-day life to create greater life balance and increase your self-empowerment

You will be taught to confidently use meditative exercises such as mindfulness and creative
visualisation, as well as techniques for stress release, correct breathing to reduce anxiety,
life balance tools, and much more…

Current Class times:

  • Tuesdays 7:00pm to 8:30pm

And bring a snack to share for supper afterwards.

Classes held in Bracken Ridge, North Brisbane

Investment: $10

For more information and any enquires, feel free to call me on 0402 510 424

Deborah Sandgate   Welcome to Meditation

Classes are designed to introduce you to the relaxing and stress reducing benefits of Meditation.

Unwind in a supportive and informative environment, where you will explore various Meditation experiences that will take you to a peaceful inner place.
The constant chatter of your mind will be constructively redirected, so, rather than the strain of trying to force it into silence, you give it a constructive role to assist the positive and empowering process of self exploration.
Your wonderful mind was created for a reason, so let it play too!

Classes incorporate meditative exercises and constructive techniques for stress release and the reduction of anxiety.

There is a strong focus on harnessing the art of Mindfulness.  You will learn to view your thoughts as external to you. You become the Observer, where you gain control over the busy distraction of constant thoughts, constantly competing for attention. So you will gradually enjoy greater peace of mind and inner quiet.  With practice, you can master pushing those thoughts aside, staying in the moment and choosing the thoughts you wish to pursue.

We often share ‘food for thought’, which is an open-minded, philosophical discussion, involving  things like exploring your belief systems, fears, and your concept of your true purpose and your higher consciousness.  This encourages the harnessing of your intuition and the development of your discernment, trusting yourself to confidently master your world.

This process enhances our ability to focus on our inner selves and silence our lower mind, in preparation for deeper Meditation and other exercises to follow.
All input and questions are encouraged…

There will be a main Meditation which will take you into a deeper level of relaxation and inner experience. These meditations often take the format of creative visualisation, where you can engage all your senses and harness your wonderful mind in a way where it feels relaxed, focused and able to enjoy playing too. This is an effective way to help us westerners still the busyness of our inner chatter and prepare ourselves for mindfulness and inner stillness.

Each class is concluded with varying exercises to cultivate your intuition and develop your discernment. Learn to read your own energy and the energy of others in a safe and supporting environment.

These classes embrace altruistic spiritual principles, without subscribing to any particular doctrine. They are, instead, a synthesis of enlightened and liberating concepts, drawn from many sources, to be explored and embraced at the discretion of the participant.

Above all, we invite you to join us in leaving our tattered egos at the door. We can then relax and enjoy a heart centred and open environment, where we feel safe to let our light shine.

  1. I highly recommend Deb’s meditation classes. I feel so relaxed and fresh afterwards.

  2. Petra Schweizer

    Hi Deborah,
    I have previously enjoyed your meditation classes at Sandgate townhall and your home and would like to join again. Could you kindly tell me when your next class will be at your home?
    Looking forward to experiencing your wonderful class again,

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