Mindfulness is an ancient practice that comes from Tibetan Buddhism.  This very effective technique has been rediscovered of late and is now very popular in psychotherapy and psychology.  It is simply the practice of learning to become aware of what you are thinking and feeling. You become the observer in your own life.  This enables you to increase your awareness of the dynamics playing out in your life and with others.  It also allows you to detach, with increasing effectiveness, from the issues around you that do not support you.  This means you become less reactive and emotional – more insightful and discerning.  Once the emotion and fear is removed, you are free to choose how to respond in a situation, where you say and do what best works for you, without duress.
This approach to increasing your self awareness and accelerating healing of many issues, is so rewarding to work with.  You find you naturally become increasingly calm and at peace. You are pulling yourself into the present and learning to stay there for increasing lengths of time, where you can then seize the moment and enjoy all the simple pleasures of life.  You therefore become a lot more productive, as you are no longer being distracted by the past or the future.  You are more content to live each day to the fullest.  You will find it extremely satisfying to witness so many positive results taking place in your every day life.
Mindfulness is a technique I have practiced for over twenty years and incorporate into our therapy sessions. I also teach in mindfulness techniques in personalised meditation sessions and workshops.