Past Life Regression

Sometimes, when working to uncover the causes of trauma, we can still be left wondering where such strong fears, reactions or flashbacks have come from. The anomaly of strange dreams or feelings just don’t seem congruent with this lifetime. We are still able to effectively address the subconscious mind to overcome these reactions, without needing to know the root of origin.  And sometimes, things are better left alone.  I will explain this to you if I believe that past life regression may not be appropriate for your situation.

However, some people wish to uncover causes and understand what has haunted them.  In these instances, past life regression is very revealing and effective. Ensuring your safety at all times, we utilise hypnotherapy to take the subconscious mind into your past, opening the door for it to explore any events that are relevant to your situation that lie beyond the realms of your current physical life.  This may tap into a previous incarnation, an experience between lives, or anything else, beyond our current, known frame of reference.

Having had many years experience studying metaphysics, I am open to support you through any experience, following your journey and keeping you mentally, emotionally and physically safe throughout the experience.

Many clients ask to have a past life regression session for the sake of experiencing a sense of life beyond the current physical existence, and embrace with enthusiasm the revelations this may bring.



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