Prices & Specials

  • Private Consultations are for 90 minutes duration at $120 per session.
  • I gladly offer Senior, Pensioner and Student discounts upon application at $95 per session.
    (I also offer private hardship discounts under certain circumstances).
  • Payment is required at time of consultation via cash or online bank transfer.
I am a Private Health Fund Provider, so please contact your health fund to ensure you are covered for Hypnotherapy or Professional Counselling.
If you need to speak with me to find out how this therapy can help you, you’re welcome to request an initial 30 minute complimentary session.
Most clients require at least 3 sessions or more, and we can discuss this, in keeping with your situation.

Missed Appointments

Every session booked is put aside especially for you, with preparation made for each session.
Therefore,  it is necessary that at least 24 hours notice be given if you need to reschedule.  This enables me to rebook your allocated time with other clients waiting for availability.

  • Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule, to avoid being charged for your session, except, of course, in the case of extenuating circumstances.
  • A text message will be sent to you two working days prior to your appointment to give you time to make arrangements to attend or to reschedule.

Special Offers

  • When you call to book the commencement of your private hypnotherapy sessions, you will be offered an initial thirty minute complimentary session.
    This will enable you to share your story, have your questions answered, and allow us to plan a strategy that is personalised to your needs.
  • Once you have completed your personal sessions, you will be invited to join an ongoing, weekly Hypno-Meditation group session.
Here, the participants decide together what they would like to reinforce and address in the following week’s class.  The class is run like a meditation group where, together, you are led into deep relaxation, where you can then allow your subconscious mind to be strengthened and liberated by the hypnotherapy session that follows.
Please note, this is not an opportunity to work on personal, specific themes.  If any arise during the group sessions, you will be supported privately, by booking a separate private session to master that specific subject.

 Meditation and More…

  • When you have attended 6 group Meditation classes, you will receive a complimentary pass for your next group session, in recognition of your ongoing commitment to yourself.
  • When you invite a friend to attend a group meditation session with you, you will receive a complimentary pass for your next group session, as a thank you for introducing someone new to our group, as we continue to build and strengthen our supportive group energy.
Please call:    0402 510 424    or    07 326 99778
for bookings, to reschedule appointments or to ask any questions.

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