Psychotherapy is a combination of counselling and therapeutic techniques designed to work with you on your conscious level.  These techniques are aimed at helping your conscious mind better understand the causes of your situation and the best approaches for you to move forward in your life, successfully achieving your goals for hypnotherapy.  You have a wonderful mind so, rather than try to do all the work on a subconscious level, let it play too.

All sessions are commenced with client-centred discussion, which embraces Psychotherapy. This incorporates tools such as Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which is a well recognised evidence-based tool embraced by many counsellors and psychologists.

Your sessions will take place in a tranquil and nurturing environment, where confidentiality* is paramount. Each session will last approximately ninety minutes.
For long lasting effectiveness and thorough re-training of your subconscious mind, it is usual to require between six to ten weekly sessions.
For more deep-seated conditions, extra sessions may be required to address all aspects and effects of your situation, which will be discussed and agreed upon, in keeping with your needs.
*Confidentiality, in keeping with legal and ethical requirements, is assured, except where any intended harm to yourself or another is revealed.  Confidentiality can also only be over-ridden by a subpoena issued by a court of law or government agency.