Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis (TA) allows us to identify what ego state you operate from in different situations. This is like your ‘default setting’, which comes to the fore under pressure.

These modes are broken down into three main personalities within you, known asĀ parent, adult, child.

These ego states are governed by the influences of our past, where we automatically revert to a learned way of reacting, based on the conditioning of our parents, or the reactions of the child.

The ideal ego state to operate from is adult, where you respond authentically, in an empowered, calm and non-reactive way.

Different people and situations will elicit a different ego state from you, depending on learnt reactions, which are not necessarily the most empowered or positive way for you to live.

Together, we can explore your main interactions, identify the ego states you operate from and reframe your perception of these interactions to help shift you, with guidance and practice, into the liberated and authentic adult state.